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Submitted on
June 7, 2013


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Please do help in listing who you think are corrupt deviants and the proof so that it will be researched on and listed here if there is enough proof. The list will be updated every once in a while.

LIST LAST UPDATED: 25 November 2014

LAST UPDATED: lionman0812

Offenders Count - 232 (0)

(I am only posting the total change on it, there might be more accounts added or removed)

Note: If there are any errors regarding numbers or names, inform this account.

If you find a stolen artwork, just note it to us and we will check and add it to the list if it is true.

We do not add someone just because you give their name as thieves. We need proof so that everyone else can see who the thieves are.

You may also note this account.

Best thing you can do is inform the original artist about the theft and ask him to report as his intellectual property

Note: If you see any deviants you think they are not thieves, just inform us as all humans can make mistake sometimes :hug:

*We do not include trolls/ex-offenders/said otherwise

Note: Please do not rage on their profiles/stolen work. Instead, just report them without saying anything. The most you can do is to tell them politely what they are doing is wrong, instead of posting a huge wall of swear words on their profiles. There are some thieves/tracers that might not know what they are doing is wrong.

Please note that commenting bad words or giving them attention is not allowed by DeviantART law, it might lead to your account getting banned and we are not accountable for that.

Don't know how to report?- Here is the tutorial for it…

LIST in alphabetic order

1.:icon2102000:2102000 - Art Thief
2.:icon222iulia:222iulia - Art Thief
3.:icon222shinta1:222Shinta1 - Art Thief
4.:icon343animealy:343AnimeAly - Art Thief (With a lot of accounts, inactive)

5.:iconadoptsmagic:AdoptsMagic - Art Thief
6.:iconakakit:akakit - Tracer
7.:iconalexandria132:Alexandria132 - Art Thief
8.:iconalexsandraflyn:ALEXSANDRAFLYN - Art Thief
9.:iconalisiaxsutton:AlisiaxSutton - Art Thief
10.:iconanaconnectcat:AnaConnectcat - Art Thief
11.:iconangrybirdredplz:Angrybirdredplz - Art Thief
12.:iconanimegirl2324:AnimeGirl2324 - Art Thief
13.:iconannafox:AnnaFox - Art Thief/Bully HIGH ALERT
14.:iconaouuuuumjaumjau2:aouuuuumjaumjau2 - Art Thief
15.:iconapollumi:ApolluMi - Art Thief
16.:iconarcangel892:arcangel892 - Art Thief
17.:iconartisticxhelp:artisticxhelp - Art Thief
18.:iconartistriffle: artistriffle - Art Thief
19:iconask-princess---anna:Ask-Princess---Anna - Art Thief
20.:iconassassinpaws:AssassinPaws - Art Thief
21.:iconawesome-adopts1:Awesome-Adopts1 - Selling adopts from websites

22.:iconbabykittn:Babykittn - Art Thief
23.:iconbiyomoncuty:BiyomonCuty - Art Thief/Recolour?
24.:iconbobohorse:bobohorse - Art Thief
25.:iconboooooki:boooooki - Tracer
26.:iconbrambleshadow12:Brambleshadow12 - Art Thief
27.:iconbrookidaggi:brookidaggi - Not crediting bases?
28.:iconbrynhild-undomiel:Brynhild-Undomiel - Art Thief
29.:iconbubble180:Bubble180 - Art Thief

30.:iconcatapple:catapple - Art Thief
31.:iconcatherinefleming78:CatherineFleming78 - Art Thief
32.:iconcatsoupbases:CatSoupBases - Art Thief
33.:iconchangelingkeodel:changelingkeodel - Art Thief
34.:iconcheekytekk:CheekyTekk - Art Thief
35.:iconcherrypitpony:cherrypitpony - Art Thief
36.:iconcocoponmc:cocoponMC - Art Thief
37.:iconcorazonnegro215:corazonnegro215 - Art Thief
38.:iconcordeliachan:CordeliaChan - Not crediting bases
39.:iconcrystal15spark:crystal15spark - Art Thief

40.:icondafty-punky:Dafty-Punky - Art Thief
41.:icondakutheevee:Dakutheevee - Art Thief
42.:icondarkemilyrobin:darkemilyrobin - Art Thief
43.:icondelishia-delaria:Delishia-Delaria - Art Thief
44.:icondelmardavis:delmardavis - Art Thief
45.:icondeluxedkitty:deluxedkitty - Art Thief
46.:icondiamondpawpony:DiamondPawpony - Art Thief
47.:icondiana13salgada:diana13salgada - Tracer (…
48.:icondindani:DinDani - Art Thief
49.:icondorobantualex2000:dorobantualex2000 - Art Thief
50.:icondragongirl8092:Dragongirl8092 - Art Thief
51.:icondredfurst:Dredfurst - Art Thief

52.:iconelsa-scarlet:Elsa-Scarlet - Art Thief
53.:iconevewolf101:EveWolf101 - Art Thief

54.:iconf1utt3rshy16:F1utt3rShy16 - Art Thief
55.:iconfaithingod:FaithinGod - Art Thief
56.:iconfallenangelforelife:FallenAngelForeLife - Art Thief
57.:iconfangirl-yaoi-x3:FanGirl-Yaoi-X3 - Art Thief
58.:iconfantasticphotopacks:FantasticPhotopacks - Art Thief
59.:iconflavourflash:FlavourFlash - Art Thief
60.:iconfluttershyegg-major:FluttershyEGG-MAJOR - Art Thief
61.:iconfirefoxiny:FireFoxiny - Art Thief
62.:iconfireheartnyan1:FireheartNyan1 - Art Thief
63.:iconfiretheunicorn:FireTheUnicorn - Art Thief
64.:iconfinnlover2052:Finnlover2052 - Art Thief
65.:iconfrostykitty22:FrostyKitty22 - Art Thief
66.:iconfrozengotcolorful:FrozenGotColorful - Art Thief/Recolour

67.:icongabimontez:GabiMontez - Art Thief
68.:iconghishia:ghishia - Art Thief
69.:iconghostboy1331:GhostBoy1331 - Art Thief
70.:iconglitchsamo21:GlitchSamo21 - Art Thief
71.:icongreatpichunter:GreatPicHunter - Art Thief
72.:icongryffindorseekerhp:gryffindorseekerhp - Art Thief

73.:iconhatsunerinlukateto:HatsuneRinLukaTeto - Art Thief
74.:iconhetaliathefirst:hetaliathefirst - Art Thief
75.:iconhighpawup:HighPawUp - Art Thief
76.:iconhorror--donkey:Horror--Donkey - Art Thief/Former Impersonator of ButterflyBandit
77.:iconhumansmoke12:HumanSmoke12 - Art Thief

78.:iconiam-the-best:Iam-the-BEST - Art Thief
79.:iconicesugarteasweet:IceSugarTeaSweet - Art Thief
80.:iconikenshin1:ikenshin1 - Art Thief
81.:iconiil0sey:iiL0SEY - Art Thief
82.:iconilywifi:ilywifi - Art Thief
83.:iconindsafnwlacm:indsafnwlacm - Art Thief/Scammer
84.:iconinuyasha89000:inuyasha89000 - Not crediting o:
85.:iconiosdawn:IosDawn - Art Thief
86.:iconiownu9000:IOwnU9000 - Art Thief

87.:iconjackhottiefrost:JackHottieFrost - Art Thief
88.:iconjackyvampirakawaii:JackyVampiraKawaii - Art Thief
89.:iconjambou:jambou - Art Thief
90.:iconjason988:Jason988 - Art Thief
91.:iconjessicajakwolf:JessicaJakWolf - Art Thief
92.:iconjewledadopts:Jewledadopts - Art Thief
93.:iconjinxthespirit:jinxthespirit - Art Thief
94.:iconjuega-con-el-fuego:Juega-con-el-fuego - Art Thief
95.:iconjuliet55:juliet55 - Art Thief

96.:iconkandiisun:KandiiSun - Art Thief
97.:iconkasu-the-hedgehog12:kasu-the-hedgehog12 - Art Thief
98.:iconkayna-nf:Kayna-nf - Tracer
99:iconkeandall-seedrian:Keandall-seedrian - Art Thief
100.:iconkfcloverz:kfcloverz - Art Thief
101.:iconkingshadow300:KingShadow300 - Art Thief
102.:iconkogekisara:KogekiSara - Art Thief
103.:iconkyrawolfpup:KyraWolfpup - Art Thief

104.:iconladylacus18:LadyLacus18 - Tracer
105.:iconlelvigen:lelvigen - Art Thief - Art Thief
106.:iconlightningstar022:LightningStar022 - Art Thief
107.:iconlilnekokatz:LilNekoKatz - Tracer
108.:iconlifewithart123:LifeWithArt123 - Art Thief
109.:iconlionking345:lionking345 - Takes screenshot from movies
110.:iconlionman0812:lionman0812 - Art Thief/Not crediting bases…
111.:iconlittledashie101:LittleDashie101 - Not crediting/Art Thief
112.:iconlucitwilight:LuciTwilight - Not crediting bases?
113.:iconlunathenightprincess:Lunathenightprincess - Art Thief
114.:iconlunathehedgehog13:lunathehedgehog13 - Art Thief
115.:iconlunathenightprincess:Lunathenightprincess - Art Thief
116.:iconluppia:Luppia - Art Thief
117.:iconluigi-the-quick:Luigi-the-quick - Art Thief

118.:iconmaharykitty:Maharykitty - Art Thief
119.:iconmanndacity:Manndacity - Art Thief 
120.:iconmarcusmccloud100:MarcusMcCloud100 - Art Thief
121.:iconmariesparkle64:MarieSparkle64 - Art Thief
122.:iconmayank94214:Mayank94214 - Art Thief
123.:iconmfsyrcm:MFSyRCM - Art Thief
124.:iconmlp818:mlp818 - Art Thief
125.:iconmlps112:mlps112 - Art Thief
126.:iconmichelous:michelous - Art Thief
127.:iconmimi-fox:Mimi-fox - Tracer
128.:iconmiona90:Miona90 - Art Thief
129.:iconmissmuffinx3:MissMuffinx3 - Art Thief
130.:iconmizuluffy2:mizuluffy2 - Art Thief
131.:iconmonkeysrock123:monkeysrock123 - Art Thief
132.:iconmontserrat123:montserrat123 - Art Thief
133.:iconmoonheart2345:MoonHeart2345 - Art Thief
134.:iconmorbidwolf13:MorbidWolf13 - Art Thief
135.:iconmylittlefluttersss:mylittlefluttersss - Art Thief
136.:iconmylittlepony-fimfans:Mylittlepony-Fimfans - Art Thief

137.:iconnightingale-co:Nightingale-CO - Art Thief/Not crediting
138.:iconnisuymitsubasasa:NisuYmiTsubasasa - Tracer

139.:iconocpony:OCpony - Art Thief
140.:iconodin-gfx:odin-gfx - Art Thief
141.:iconokami-rao-fox:okami-rao-fox - Art Thief
142.:iconoliverotakulanda99:OliverOtakuLanda99 - Art Thief
143.:iconorochimaruxdd:OrochimaruXDD - Art Thief
144.:iconotakuzjg:OtakuZjg - Art Thief/Tracer
145.:iconoustins:oustins - Art Thief
146.:iconoverheadlighting:OverheadLighting - Art Thief
147.:iconowlkids23:owlkids23 - Art Thief

148.:iconpinkamena1999:pinkamena1999 - Stole bases/Art Thief
149.:iconpokemonandolympic:PokemonandOlympic - Art Thief
150.:iconponyadoptparty:PonyAdoptParty - Art Thief
151.:iconpretty-kitty2004:Pretty-Kitty2004 - Art Thief
152.:iconprincessamorecadance:PrincessAmoreCadance - Art Thief
153.:iconprincessluca:PrincessLuca - Art Thief
154.:iconprincessichigomew:PrincessIchigoMew - Art Thief
155.:iconprincipearut:PrincipeArut - Art Thief
156.:iconpsyclonius:psyclonius - Art Thief

157.:iconradekxmen:radekxmen - Art Thief
158.:iconrainbowdash1997:RainbowDash1997 - Art Thief
159.:iconrainbowdash515:RainbowDash515 - Art Thief
160.:iconrainbowdashdaughter:Rainbowdashdaughter - Art Thief
161.:iconrainbowdashvideos234:RainbowDashvideos234 - Art Thief
162.:iconrandom-naughty-bear:Random-Naughty-Bear - Art Thief
163.:iconraritypony2013:Raritypony2013 - Art Thief
164.:iconrayquazazero:rayquazazero - Art Thief/probably a tracer?
165.:iconreallunareallllll:reallunareallllll - Art Thief (Same as :iconreallllmlp4everreall:reallllmlp4everreall)
166.:iconrunenritter:Runenritter - Art Thief

167.:iconsaexhiro:saexhiro - Art Thief
168.:iconsandyli099:sandyli099 - Art Thief
169.:iconsaphir-chan16-sonsha:saphir-chan16-sonsha - Art Thief/Tracer
170.:iconsetokaibax:SetoKaibax - Art Thief
171.:iconskronashrex:SkronashRex - Art Thief
172.:iconskullpaw:Skullpaw - Tracer
173.:iconshadow-ever-creature:shadow-ever-creature - Not crediting bases
174.:iconshapeshifterlatias:Shapeshifterlatias - Art Thief/Recolour
175.:iconsheiswe:sheiswe - Art Thief
176.:iconshepirotcloud:shepirotcloud - Art Thief
177.:iconsirlancalot:SirLancalot - Art Thief
178.:iconsirrax:Sirrax - Art Thief/Edits screenshots and posts as own art
179.:iconsis533:Sis533 - Art Thief
180.:iconslayerhogg:SLAYERHOGG - Art Thief
181.:iconslickcoolbuizle:slickcoolbuizle - Art Thief/Recolour
182.:iconslitherfang0:Slitherfang0 - Art Thief
183.:iconkatakanakitsune:KatakanaKitsune - Not crediting bases + Recolour (Same as :iconrainbowsmosh:&:iconsmosh-katie: AND :iconthief-anouncer:)
184.:iconsnowflake09:Snowflake09 - Art Thief
185.:iconsnowflake222:SnowFlake222 - Art Thief
186.:iconsodapop3:sodapop3 - Art Thief
187.:iconsonicfan3xx:sonicfan3XX - Art Thief
188.:iconsoulassassin37:SoulAssassin37 - Art Thief
189.:iconsour-skittlez:Sour-Skittlez - Not crediting bases
190:iconspedygrace:spedygrace - Art Thief/Recolour
191.:iconspencerscards:spencerscards - Art Thief
192.:iconsplashthefurball:SplashTheFurball - Art Thief
193.:iconsqigleyeyes:sqigleyeyes - Art Thief
194.:iconstarlife0628:starlife0628 - Art Thief
195.:iconsuzzen26:Suzzen26 - Art Thief
196.:iconsweetchami:sweetchami - Not crediting bases
197.:iconsweetdreamkiss:sweetdreamkiss - Tracer
198.:iconsweetiepieangel:SweetiePieAngel - Art Thief

199.:icontantrumgirl:TantrumGirl - Art Thief
200.:icontchinysparklemuffins:TchinySparkleMuffins - Art Thief
201.:iconteddyismybff:teddyismybff - Art Thief
202.:iconthecontorlerofchaos:thecontorlerofchaos - Art Thief
203.:iconthe-epic-micky:The-Epic-micky - Art Thief
204.:iconthe-best-artist-ever:the-best-artist-EVER - Art Thief
205.:iconthekillerboy567:thekillerboy567 - Art Thief
206.:iconthewhitedevil66:theWhiteDEVIL66 - Art Thief
207.:icontlk-fan:TLK-FAN - Not crediting bases
208.:icontinathelovelyx:TinathelovelyX - Art Thief
209.:icontoyoshino:Toyoshino - Art Thief
210.:icontwilightkittyshine:TwilightKittyShine - Art Thief
211.:icontwiix28:twiix28 - Art Thief

212.:iconunicornpower234:UnicornPower234 - Art Thief

213:iconvictoria-summerheart:Victoria-Summerheart - Art Thief
214.:iconvilynscratch:VilynScratch - Art Thief
215.:iconvinlysweetly:VinlySweetly - Art Thief

216.:iconwedgiex:WEDGIEX - Art Thief
217.:iconweejiamin:weejiamin - Art Thief
218.:iconwildgirlmia:Wildgirlmia - Art Thief
219.:iconwilladachipette:WillaDaChipette - Art Thief
220.:iconwinter-blaze:Winter-Blaze - Art Thief
221.:iconwinxlover82:WinxLover82 - Art Thief
222.:iconwizard68:wizard68 - Art Thief
223.:iconwolfiejay:WolfieJay - Art Thief
224.:iconwolflover66348:Wolflover66348 - Art Thief

225.:iconxcheater2xm:xcheater2xm - Art Thief
226.:iconxxarishiterbusterxx:XxArishiterbusterxX - Art Thief
227.:iconxxkawaiibananaxx:XxKawaiiBananaxX - Art Thief

228.:iconyukinagato2:yukinagato2 - Art Thief
229.:iconyunaoao:Yunaoao - Art Thief
230.:iconyunka16:Yunka16 - Art Thief
231.:iconyurywesley:yurywesley - Art Thief

232.:iconzorc0:Zorc0 - Art Thief

Deactivated/Suspended (will clear deactivated accounts after 1 month)

Will clear in December

:iconxxapple-dashxx:XxApple-DashxX - Not crediting bases/possible art thief
:iconmolesdiaz:MOLESDIAZ - Art Thief
Alert list-- I need your help! Provide evidence that they are indeed offenders OR simply framed.
:icon3d4d:3D4D - Art Thief (?)
:iconavispaneitor:avispaneitor - Art Thief (?)
:iconbrittanym12:brittanym12 - Art Thief (?)
:iconfanatic-fairy:Fanatic-Fairy - Art Thief (?)
:iconfloodmachine:floodmachine - Art Thief (?)
:iconfioreneve:FioreNeve - Art Thief (?)
:icongraphix-team:Graphix-Team - Art Thief (?)
:iconhraygurl:Hraygurl - Art Thief (?)
:iconimtailsthefoxfan:Imtailsthefoxfan - Art Thief (?)
:iconitzxred:iTzXRED - Art Thief (?)
:iconeverlastingfae:EverlastingFae - Art Thief (?)
:iconlarrykoopa11-is-back:larrykoopa11-is-back - Art Thief (?)
:iconloanathecat:Loanathecat - Art Thief (New account :iconloana-lalonde:) (?)
:iconmoonsong18:Moonsong18 - Art Thief (?)
:iconpili96:pili96 - Art Thief (?)
:iconrainbowpup23:rainbowpup23 - Art Thief (?)
:iconrockyhorrorpicturesh:rockyhorrorpicturesh - Art Thief (?)
:iconspellsie:Spellsie - Art Thief (?)
:iconterasullen:TeraSullen - Art Thief (?)
:iconthewhitedevil66:theWhiteDEVIL66 - Art Thief/Recolour (?)
:icontsukimichan98:tsukimichan98 - Art Thief (?)
:iconvocalidiot:vocalidiot - Art Thief (?)
:iconvoreediter:VoreEditer - Art Thief (?)
:icondarthraner83:darthraner83 - "He swaps the heads of female characters and adds them on various things, like ballerinas, Little Alice, Marilyn Monroe, Can-Can dancers, etc. and most of the girls are under 13." [HIGH ALERT]
:iconxtroublemaker:xTroublemaker - Editor of pictures, possibly underage

Sometimes, the names will break even if the coding is done right. I have no idea how to actually fix this, but you can simply go to their profile by:

Replace bolded part with the name:
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Applebloom5555 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
i salute you for adding :iconlionman0812:
you get a llama
CorruptDeviantsList Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks! :la:
Aurora456 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Plz add

he blocks and insults whoever asks him kindly to dont steal art and dont be rude..

Aurora456 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Being a troll to Applebloom5555 won't make your life any better

lionman0812 16 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
troll to her?

CorruptDeviantsList Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Ah... I don't usually add mean people to the list, but I also found proof :]

Proof of stolen images in this comment:…

Have fun! Will be added!
Applebloom5555 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Can you put :iconunikitty-fan123:Unikitty-Fan123 here?
Shes a troll, sends chainmail, bully, and always harasses my art.
CorruptDeviantsList Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Can you send some proof to me (links, etc)? :dummy:
Applebloom5555 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist
check my Five nights at noobys 2 Celebrate image, you will see the horrible hate comments and on my profile you see a death threat. :dummy:
CorruptDeviantsList Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Actually, I try not to list trolls here (unless they're really serious/also steals art etc)
Can you just block her for eternity? Yeah... Unless she also steals art or traces or something like that.
Aurora456 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
send a proof via note so she will be added XD
Aurora456 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Put :iconunikitty-fan123: please
she's a troll and she sends chain mail
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